Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

Zahara Tooto Lands into More Cash and Promotion

Zahara Tooto Lands into More Cash and Promotion by the CEO Next Media Kin Kariisa

The selfstyled Radio Presenter On Next Media Radio has been today 30th of November 2021

Zahara Tooto lands on More Cash and Promotion
Zahara Tooto lands into More cash and Promotion at sametime

Promoted by his Director Kin after realizing her hardwork and the levels of innovation

That the Kampala’s renowned Socialite and Radio Presenter has exhibited over the years

At Next Radio. Today she’s been given another role on TV strighta as a loner DJ for Lunchtime

Or Lunch hour Request show. According to Kin Kariisa, Zahara Tooto is one of the hardworking

Girls at Next Media and she deserves all the best. She has always thought beyond the box

She encourages her fellow workmates at the station and in case of any need or situations

Zahara Tooto lands into More Cash and Promotion
Zahara Tooto The hardworking she is lands into more Job responsibilities on Next Media

She stands up to it for any solution. According to the CEO Kin, he went to his social media

Page earlier today and gave his opinion and his final decision as per promotion

This has come at atime when Most TV Personalities on NBS have been promoted

And their salaries immediately increased, today Zahara Tooto has seen hers as well raise

Tooto has a radio Programme or show on Next Radio but due to her efforts and had work

She has been promoted to hit two birds with a single stone. Well at the Kampala Gossip

We congratulate Zahara and wish her nothing but the best in her next role in this promotion

She’s now DJ Zahara Tooto on the Nbs Lunchtime Request show.



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