Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

Ykee Benda the New Centenary Bank brand Ambassador

Ykee Benda

Family man Tugume a.k.a Ykee Benda has been transforming from step to step, from Grass to Grace Process by process.

The news and research at The Kampala Gossip Entertainment desk has it that he recently retired from the Chairmanship of the Uganda Musicians Association willingly because he simply realised others needed to take on the Mantle & that’s how Cindy Sanyu is currently the head of the association.

However, Ykee has remained a very unique character in the Entertainment Industry in Uganda hardly found.

Recently the TKG team saw him promote his fellow Artists and the case in point is tha Ad. he paid for to see Singer Dre Cali new music sell through,

Paid Ad. By Ykee Benda for Dre Cali

On earth & particularly in the Music Industry, who does that? Ykee has proven is totally a different being. Actually this guy is a professional Civil Engineer. He left the profession for Music Industry.

As if that’s not enough. Ykee Benda has also been advocating for young and upcoming artists to see them through in different ways. He’s the character you hardly find who’d want to succeed in his profession/career but also as well as the rest in the Industry.

Today the singer has also been heavily engaged in online business than ever before. He’s gone a head to forefront the selling of his work call it his songs and Albums on his websites and that of Mpaka Record label. His renowned current Album Kirabo is on the market at only 35,000 UGX at Mpaka Record website which is really a great move as far is Music copyright business is concerned in Uganda. For decades, Ugandan Artists have not done that.

And a day just yesterday, we saw him being appointed one of Uganda’s biggest Banks Centenary Bank as its new Brand Ambassador how reached up to this big deal, you and me? But probably you can attribute this new milestone to his flamboyant rich heart & wishing well for his fellow Artists.

Whatever this brings to him, we wish him nothing but the best for he has proven a great Musician of his generation.

Congrats Ykee.

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