Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

Where did these Artists go? They came and sung very Nice songs but never came back.

Where did all these Artists go? They came and did good Music all over and disappeared. If you know their whereabouts please write to us in the comment section below on our

Gift of Kaddo
Peter Miles
Henry Tigan
Aziz Azion


Young Mulo


Jamal Wasswa Omusomesa


Kid Fox

To be sincere these guys were amazing. They raised people’s expectations in 90s and 2000s because Music was beginning to grow in Uganda at a competitive level. Remember we had the Jose Camelleons already around doing their thing but these guys came in with their styles.

Talk about Aziz Azion. Who’d beat this guy’s style of both Solo and RnB. It was simply superb. Talk about Jamal Wasswa, there’s no way you’d beat this guy on the Mic with his Vocals and love song sensations. They came did their thing and made everyone dance & sing to their Music.

In the late 2016, they were no more and up to now no one seem to be talking about them. They’re not even bothered to get back and do what they used to do. So sad we even don’t know where most of them are or what businesses they do.

An Artist like Pastor George Okudi had alot of energy and did contribute alot towards growth of Ugandan Entertainment Industry but also the Country’s Economy. It is so surprising not to know anything going on in his life currently. They created alot of hope among the fans simply because they had come with good Music that had made everyone believe in them. It is so sad that they fail to make it again and disappear just like that.

Pastor Okudi

Artists can do other businesses but still give very good Music. A case in point, Singer Rema Namakula does farming. Who does great Music currently like she does?

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