Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

Tycoon Ssentongo Haruna’s building Collapse politicised

Tycoon Mr. Ssentongo Haruna

The young Tycoon Ssentongo Haruna is under attack from political leaders of the City according to different stories by different players. According to one of the tycoon’s family friend Mirundi Tamale over the weekend, he said KCCA’s leaders are at war with the young tycoon. Some of these issues are political.

Tamale went ahead to mention how the Kampala lord Mayor Lukwago is fighting so hard against the family of Hajji Ssegawa the father of Haruna and therefore the building has been put down intentionally.

Tamale went ahead to clarify on how this family is known for trust and quality work, it therefore cannot be at this point that you come out to seize them. They have always constructed better buildings. There has to be reasons behind this attack says Tamale Mirundi.


According to our sources at TKG, it is said that the Kampala Capital City’s planner Agaba V. had earlier this year written notice warning Mr. Ssentongo over illegal construction at Kisenyi Road stating that thebuilding didn’t have clear and approved plans from KCCA and if any, then they should immediately be provided.

Haruna’s collapsed building

It is also said, that Mr. Agaba in July went ahead to write to Ssentongo haulting him from construction untill clear documents are presented to KCCA. Site Engineers approved, the site supervisor and KCCA supervisor approves plans. All these procedures were necessary and indue process up untill the building went down.

The building has so far killed about seven people and several others injured. It is so sad that even in the last two months, another building collapsed in Kitebi killing one person and injuring several others.

According to Deputy Lord Mayor KCCA, Doreen Nyanjura, the administration is ready and prepared to put down all the necessary efforts to cub down the evil and put due diligence as required.

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