Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

Titus Seruga Concerned Citizen reveals how Muganga’s arrest shouldn’t be undermined

A concerned Ugandan Citizen in Belgium Titus Seruga splashes ink on Truth about Vice Chancellor Victoria University Muganga.

Titus says since Gashumba and his team are dying to Prove that our (UGANDAN) Security is so wrong and weak, it has become our duty to defend the security and sovereignty of the State.

In 2013 Lawrence Muganga then a student on Canada on a PHD recommended by the Rwandan state, was serving the country Rwanda and here is evidence below.

Gashumba on Nbs

Mr. Gashumba as a guest of NBS television openly lied that Lawrence is Ugandan and that he was recommended by Uganda to study his PHD in Canada.

Article below is from the Rwandan press (Newtimes Rwanda) calling Lawrence Muganga the first Rwandan to win an award in Canada. The article was written in 2013 meaning at the time he was a Rwandan National.

“A Rwandan national, currently living and working in Canada, Lawrence Muganga, was recently recognised by Alberta, a provincial government in Canada, for initiating and successfully managing a crime prevention project the Province.

After two years of implementation, the initiative he called, Injera Project, provided great results for Alberta Province, therefore emerging as the best model to rely on for crime prevention and is considered for replication throughout the country.

Muganga became the first foreigner to receive such recognition.

In an interview with Business Times, the 36-year-old PhD student dedicated his award to the people of Rwanda, urging the youth to be more creative.

“My focus of research is on the “Creative economy and Rwanda” being my case study.

I am interested in finding out how best can the education system in Rwanda instill creativity among all learners and this may be achieved through opening up our educational policies to allow creativity to thrive,” Muganga told Business Times.

He is currently pursuing a PhD in Educational policy studies at the University of Alberta, specialising in education administration and leadership.

“After being nominated by the people of Alberta and considered by a review panel, fortunately the Premier, through the Ministry of Justice and Solicitor General, recognised my efforts and awarded me for the initiative. Rwandans are just as innovative as the rest of the world,” Muganga said.

Muganga currently works as a project manager with Canada’s Edmonton Multicultural Coalition.”

Uganda cannot ignore such red flags, the same person can not claim Ugandan Citizenship.

Story Courtesy; Titus Seruga

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