Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

Three kids to Look out for in Ugandan sport

If you’re looking for the talent in sports be it soccer or motorcycle. Do not look further than these three boys. & i am going to mention them here not because they come from famous people of families in the Country but because there’s row talent. Natural talent is what am talkingabout. Foreign Football Clubs should obviously turn their shooting gund now to Africa and i mean Uganda specifically.

I have liked the way some Ugandans have started investing in talents of their children and am talking about Bebe Cool who from when the kid was 4 years, he focused on seeing his child become a professional footballer. Alpha Thierry is so good simply because of the investment Dad has put foward in him to groom the talent.

Alpha Thierry

This boy at 18 is already good to play English premier league. You might have to look for him when searching for young guys to recruit in Arsenal or Liverpool or Barcelona. He has everything it takes trust me.

Another parent is Aldrine Nsubuga. Aldrine is one of the Directors of Startimes Uganda commonly known for his former fancy sports shows and commentary in late 2000s. I mention these guys simply because they have come out to show it publicly how they’re investing into their kids for better sports. I have watched Aldrine publish his child age i don’t even remember up to now. And the boy in his early 17 years, he’s  already superb to howcase his talent. Ready for the camera. Any foreign club can take on this boy and non of them will regret. He has all the confidence to hold the ball for as long as he could. A great lefter he is;

Alden Nsubuga 17

Last is Amos Wekesa. This guy has specialised in Motosport. His son is now 17 as well and a great talent in the sport already. The boy has already won some of the local trophies in East Africa his recent in Kenya. Actually i last saw him in Germany recently. He came as one of the top 5 overall considering our facilities in Uganda and also limited funding by the government. Amos has done a tremendous work and investment to see his boy pull on the talent.

Amos & his boy
Kylan Wekesa

Amos as we all know, when you talk about Uganda, Amos talks about Uganda’s Tourism and every other good thing Uganda has. To see Amos groom a talent of his own is a no surprise at all given the level of love this guy showcases for his Country Uganda.

Coach Jurgen Kuppers & Kylan Wekesa

The otherday Amos decided to book him a Geman Coach and i mean, when you talk about investing in a Child his or her passion Amos can do whatever is necessary.

Appreciation to all those parents putting Uganda sport to some level. FIFA should now focus on Kampala’s talent.

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