Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

The Radio Show that started with a single Laughter & now has thousands

The Radio Show that started with a single Laughter and now has thousands of laughters in the City is The Gaetano & Lucky on 91.3 Capital fm Fresh hits for Kampala. Let me hope i have stated the right name of the show, the show that now every elite and local shop man will every early in the morning tune to to have that Morning nerve strech of laughter.

Gaetano & Lucky Mbabazi

The show started way back in 2015 almost if am not mistaken after the likes of Jackie Lumbasi and Patrick Salvador. When Jackie and Salvador left for other tasks ahead, somehow fans did not believe and never thought of who was going to represent the way everyone would feel comfortable but hey; Boom there came Lucky & Gaetano and

Boring Lucky & Gaetano trying to impress by all means

you know what even when these two showed up, it was more of waaaa…… what are these two going to do?, i don’t think Gaetano will even sustain this show for a year kind of approach but the two kept their energy, they showed up every Morning and did what they had to do. It came to a point where they had to pitch in Artists inform of visitors, people who had issues but had created an impact in the community and i tell you what; everyone started loving what these guys were eventually showing to Uganda, people starting falling in love with the show, people started gaving that big dream kind of laughter everyone never thought it would come. Then and I remember Capital Fm went National.

Gaetano and Lucky hosting people who impact the community

It used to air in greater Kampala and surrounding areas. It was now taken across the Country. Kampala, MBARARA, FORT Portal, Hoima, Arua, Mbale and Gulu. The fanbase grew even bigger. & capital being the giant in the broadcasting game introduced the brain Games that made fans win Cash kept it even higher.

Capital fm host Artists

The show grew bigger and better. 91.3 Capital fm Fresh hits for Kampala became 91.3 Capital FM fresh hits for Uganda. Today if you can’t tune to the Morning Show Gaetano and Lucky what show or radio will you be listening in to. You’ll be lagging behind am telling you.

And today capital FM listeners don’t want to hear anything like Gaetano or Lucky is offduty or leaving the station. They’ll kill you. There’s a time when Lucky had contracted COVID19 and was off the station for some days, at The Kampala Gossip we posted Lucky is leaving the Capital fm, I wish you were there to see the fuss

Lucky Mbabazi

from fans and like the growth these guys have exhibited over the years of their show;

Gaetano and East Africa Got Talent team

Lucky Mbabazi came up with Lucky’s Groove back a show that trained people how to exercise and create fitness and it made her alot of money plus network same way; Gaetano joined East African Got Talent and guess what More money more fame. Today has Anither Round Series on NBS TV, Luky’s got the kachai show as well and it all fan trust me.

Gaetano at the East Africa’s Got Talent

Today every driver in town, every elite worker or CEO wakes up to Gaetano and Lucky Morning Show in their vehicles. What a blessing. Patience pays and you can never or never judge abook by its cover.

& at the Kampala Gossip we shine a light on the Gaetano and Lucky for this contribution especially to the Entertainment Industry in Uganda.

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