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St.Mary's Stadium being ranked by World's FIFA

The man behind St. Mary’s Stadium & Ug’s Football

The man behind St. Mary’s Stadium & Ug’s Football.

There are many things going on around the Country good and bad. Many iconic

Ugandans are dieing or have died during especially this period of COVID19

Yet many are raising the ladder of success and development achieving milestones

But there are those that have been here for decades and have achieved many

Milestones, many achievements both personal and National but are never mentioned

Or are even mentioned not to full expectations or as required and normally we don’t

While we still have them but we do when they have waygone or passed on

If you’re looking for people who have done tremendously well for this Country

Economically, religiously, academically and all round culturally and even more

In the World of sports, Soccer and even and talent upbringing & showcasing

Look nofurther than Mr. Dr. Lawrence Mulindwa.

The man behind St Mary's Stadium & Ug's Football
The man behind St Mary’s Stadium & Ug’s Football

Amonth ago we were talking about late BMK as one of the hugest contributors of Uganda’s economy

Through many other sectors but only when he had just passed on

& then some of the biggest Country’s top leaders then thought of renaming some of Kampala’s streets

To his NAME BMK but that is all after he’d passed on

Today at the Kampala Gossip we’re talking about Dr. Lawrence Mulindwa who has done so much

That you cannot also finish to mention if you had started to do.

One of the hugest contribution or achievement that keeps on poping up is St. Mary’s Stadium in Kitende

The man behind St Mary's Stadium & Ug's Football
St. Mary’s Stadium Kitende Kampala

Before you even mention St. Mary’s boarding school which has seen thousands

Of Ugandans educated and graduated through various academics

St. Mary’s Stadium is one of the biggest Country’s milestones.

As a Country we had never had such a football pitch or standard Stadiums. Its the first of its kind in Uganda and across

East Africa. Talk about Vipers FC who are actually official owners of the football stadium

St.Mary’s Stadium being ranked by World’s FIFA

All created and owned by the same Mr. Dr. Lawrence Mulindwa.

He deserves any mention and any position of leadership you’d like to mention

Be it political or religious I’m sure he’d still give you the results

Today at the Kampala Gossip, we give and shine alight on Mr. Dr. Lawrence Mulindwa for all he has done

For the Country.

The man behind St Mary's Stadium & Ug's Football

Dr. Lawrence Mulindwa is a Ugandan teacher, business man and entrepreneur who serves as the director and president of a football club Vipers SC.

He is the former president of the Uganda football governing board FUFA for nine straight years

And he was the second longest serving FUFA president after Kabaka Daudi Chwa in (1924-1932).

He is also the executive director and former Head teacher of St. Mary’s secondary school Kitende.

Mr.Dr. Lawrence Mulindwa
Lawrence Mulindwa

27 March 1965 (age 56)

Occupation Former FUFA President, Vipers SC Current President
Spouse(s) Milly Mulindwa
Parent(s) Catherine Mulindwa and late Mulindwa

He was born in 1965 at Kanyike Kamengo, Mpigi and he is Vipers SC‘s majority shareholder and a back bone of the four-time Uganda Premier League winners with 90% shares.

He started his administration career as a Chairman of Bunamwaya FC now known as Vipers SC from 2000 to 2004.

Later on he left that position to Tadeus Kitandwe to contest for FUFA presidency which later achieved

On 17 December 2005, after beating Chris Rwanika who was his immediate rival.

Dr. Lawrence Mulindwa with Colleagues in Soccer fraternity
The man behind St Mary’s Stadium & Ug’s Football and Colleagues in Soccer fraternity in the Country 

Achievements as FUFA president

He settled outstanding debts for the Federation which included recovery of the land title for the FUFA House in Mengo.

More capacity building courses were conducted during his time and Uganda Cranes was unbeaten at home for eight years.

Inter regions competitions were re-instated, FUFA awards were introduced,

Uganda lifted the Cecafa Senior Challenge Cup for four times, and more sponsorship deals from many companies were signed;

As well as enjoying relations with fans, GovernmentCAF and FIFA

You can go mentioning and mentioning a number of achievements

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