Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

The List of Musicians that went to Gulu revealed

Singer Bebe Cool

Finally we have been able to manage to complie the list of Artists that went to Gulu to beg for COVID19 relief Money from Gen. Salim Sale.

  1. Bebe Cool
  2. Jose Camelleon
  3. Gravity Omutujju
  4. Sanyu Cindy
  5. Silvia Awori
  6. Ffefe Bussi
  7. Pallaso
  8. Kabako
  9. Weasel
  10. King Saha
  11. Ronald Mayanja
  12. Raga Dee.
Mayinja Meets Museveni

It is said that the Artists of the Big names betrayed the likes of Feffe Bussi, King Saha, Kabako and the rest.

According to our sources, it was a bunch of two groups of singers who went to Gulu. The likes of Jose Camelleon, Ffefe Bussi, Kabako, Pallaso, Weasel and Silvia Awori. These staged at Achooli Hotel where they had gathered to have some tea and foods only to receive a call from big sources of government that they had qualified and therefore they should proceed.

Raga Dee

It is said that as they reached the gates, some were chased away and the rest remained for entry. At the TKG, we’re yet to find the names of Artists who were rejected from entering.

However, those that were accepted got surprised only to find other uninvited singers the likes of Ronald Mayinja, Raga Dee who had suggested to the General that the Music Center be formed to bring together Uganda Music to the same Market.

This was equally one of the worst annoying news the Ffefe Bussi, Pallaso & Weasel had expected. Some of them got pissed out and left, the rest were left to answer and ask questions at the sametime about why and who was consulted while all these decisions were being reached at.

Ffefe Bussi

Artists who had gone to Gulu to see Sale but also expecting some Money were equally disappointed upon hearing the news. Gen Sale responded by saying how he had sponsored the Ug Connect online Concerts with intentions of lifting Artists financially  during this Lockdown. This even prompted more Artists to rerurn to Kampala immediately with anger and aggression.

On the next Article we bring to you what made the likes of A-Pass, Kabako and the rest run to Bobi Wine also for help since what they had expected from the General failed Miserably.

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