Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

The former Tooro Kingdom Premiere John katuramu finally released out of Luzira Maximum Prisons after 24 years of jail

John Katuramu behind bars

Owek John Katuramu is known for establishment of the famous radio station in Tooro Kingdom 101 VOT FM call it Voice of Tooro in 1996/7 and also being the Omuhikirwa (Premiere) he thereafter was arrested in 1998 for allegations of Murdering the Prince of Tooro Kingdom late Kijanangoma who was then had been believed to take on the Monarchy.

It is said, John being the Prime Minister (Omuhikirwa) of the King then had misunderstandings with other Kingdom officials over who should be coronated as King and who shouldn’t, he immediately cameout with plan B to put down the Price according to allegations. It is this atrocity that then his arrest became inevitable till todate.

Katuramu being picked from the Maximum Prisons

For about now 24 years & so, Guy has been behind the bars. He was one of the most active men leaders in FORT Portal then and most people grew up to hearing about the gentleman as one of top leaders of Tooro & the Region atlarge.

He had everything to get himself out of the cells, but that has not worked for him since. One would say that now the Ugandan Judicial system is fine and authentic given the fact that criminals and suspects serve to their punishments as expected in courts case in point is John Katuramu.

Somehow you’d beleive the Judicial process and systems of state currently.

It is however clear that on this 11th day of September of celebrating Empaango by Tooro’s King King Oyo of 25 years of his rule is the same week that has seen the Premiere get released back to his family in Kampala.

Pictures of John being received by relatives from Luzira.

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