Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

Teacher Mpamire Recognised at Harvard university School of Comedy

Teacher Mpamire & friends

The self Made Class teacher Comedy Star Teacher Mpamire has been identified by some of top comedy actors in American University of Harvard.

Teacher Mpamire

Teacher Mpamire who is best known for class lessons kind of Comedy acts and interviews, the pioneer in imitating President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has been recognized by the institute and commended him for his influence especially at the continent’s (Africa) level.

On his social media pages, Mpamire came out to appreciate every implementing partners, Mentors and role Models. He pointed that Ann Kansiime has been his greatest role model & Mentor in his journey of Comedy & in fact the Young Prestigious Magazine has as well this week recognized Teacher Mpamire as one of the top 100 young African Influencers

Most Young African Influentials

& in this list Ann Kansiime was inclusive. That’s to say the self proclaimed Ugandan comedian has hit many birds with a single throw of a stone. But also Mpamire on his social media pages has kept on appreciating Kansiime for being a good guide to him over the years.

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