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Spice's Mother Nantale trushes Men

Spice’s Mother Nantale trushes Men

Spice’s Mother Nantale trushes Men Over dating her daughter at such a tendor age of 25.

Spice during her Birthday celebrations
Birthday celebrations

Celebrated Uganda’s trending sexy musician Spice Diana has always described her mum as her mentor in whatever step in her life. Her mother has always been a pillar in her life since childhood.

The Mother over the facial interview with Curviton, kept on chanting how her daughter

Is still young and not ready to handle me at this time. Beatrice said that her daughter is only here to make money

However there were other rumours of the late Singer Lgend Radio who had been allegedly in love with the female singer
Spice's Mother Nantale trushes Men Over dating her daughter
Spice’s Mother Nantale trushes Men Over her daughter whereas Late Radio’s Mother told her to focus.
Before death claimed. Nonetheless, Radio’s Mother advised her to focus on her career after the loss of her son.
Today many men are on Knees counting on the Singer but her Mother has come out strongly against this caliming that her daughter is still so much young.

However, the singer’s mother known as Nantale Beatrice for the first has come out to warn all men who always want to have a taste of her thighs. Ms Nantale gave birth at the age of 14 and was helped by her elder sisters to raise Spice Diana. She claimed that at that age, she could aborted the singer but that wasn’t an option in her minds.

With curiousness and courage, she put a stop on horny men who are preparing to date her daughter that it will depend on their capability to win her heart.

Spice's Mother Nantale trushes Men

Spice Diana has always dreamt big and she hasn’t yet achieved her dreams, men should stay away for now as she is still concentrating on music.”her mother said.

Don’t forget that Spice is allegedly in love affair with her long term manager known as Rogers Lubega, who is always sensitive on whatever issue that happens in her love relationship.

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