Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

Spice Dianah to Open up about her Relationship

Spice Dianah to open up about her Relationship.

There has been rumour that Spice was recently dating Prince Henry while this was

Going on, other fans suggested she’s in love with her manager who keeps on driving her

To places of enjoyment, places of partying and also booking for her high places for her concerts

Spice Dianah to Open up about her relationship
Spice Dianah to Open up about her relationship status

Recently there was rumors had it that the Star was moving out with some Nigerian

Later she hooked up with a Southern Sudanee and the relationship didn’t last a month.

There are some sources that BET Award Winner Eddy Kenzo had also targeted the Singer

And yet the south western Singer Ray G also was seen hiding with the singer during the days of their hit Omusheshe

Spice during her Birthday celebrations
Birthday celebrations

However Ray G came out immediately to deny the allegations after realizing he was loosing his own

Mother of his kid whom he recently wedded.

Spice Dianah after realizing she had no place at the Runyankore Singer’s chest

She decided to quit. Recently we saw her with the Tanzanian Star Diamond Platinumz

At the Kampala Gossip,  we thought they were dating and The Ugandan Female Artist of the year

Spice Dianah. The Singer there after stood with completely no Male in her Music Career

Some fans, say she ran after her Manager who run her affairs home and Music

But today its completely another story. The Female Artist intends to make it open

To let everyone know her relationship status. According to some sources. She’s  planning to

Officially to open up to her fans to let them know about her status officially in a few days to come

Normally. An Artist would love to set their home or family first and to concentrate on their career later

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