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Some of Ham’s Plans that Will Change Uganda’s Look

Some of Ham’s Plans that will Change Uganda’s Look

Hamis Kiggundu most commonly known as Ham has in the past years laid

Some of Ham's Investments that will Change Uganda's Look
Some Of Ham’s Plans that will Change Uganda’s Look

Some of the World’s biggest properties in plan and Once laid and put to use will

Completely change Uganda’s Look both locally and internationally

In 2019 he established Ham Foundation, a charity organization to improve lives and

Create a positive and transformative change in individuals and their communities.

Some of Ham's Plans that Will Change Uganda's Look

In March 2020, Kiggundu donated 200 bicycles, Qurans, and prayer mats

To Muslim clerics in the Greater Masaka Region through the Ham Foundation.

In 2018 Ham was given an award as an acknowledgement for his compilation library book,

Success and Failure Based on Reason and Reality.

It was nominated the best book of the year in the category of “Business Motivation”

At an event held by the Book Forum of Uganda in Kampala.

Kiggundu was born in 1984 in the Kalungu Masaka District in the Central Region of Uganda.

He attended his elementary education in Masaka, joined Kabojja International School in Kampala District for his high school education,

And he later graduated from Makerere University with a Bachelors of Laws.

He joined the Law Development Center where he graduated with a diploma in legal practice

Today he’s planning to Construct an Artistic White House intended to showcase Uganda’s

Tourism and major features in the Country like any other Potential and Patriotic Citizen

The young Tycoon is also currently undertaking the development of Ham’s Palm Villas acity of its own

HAM’S Palm Villas Eastate

Having resources not attached to any National grid. He’s actually currently Developing

Nakivubo Stadium expanding it and putting on National standards to be able to Host

Ham's Plans that Will Change Uganda's Look
Nakivubo Stadium Artistic Impressions

Both local and International Soccer. Some of these Projects will Change Uganda’s Look


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