Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

Social media mocks Pastor Kayanja Over the Wedding

How you’d have seen people on Social media mock Pastor Robert Kayanja as being not the right father in faith to wed the News anchor Canery Mugume and his Fiance Shasha Ferguson. People have already condemned Canery Mugume trusting Pastor for his One billion Wedding reception.

Canery’s One billion Wedding reception

Fans from different religious backgrounds were showing how they were not satisfied with seeing the Pastor wed the News anchor.

For them it should have been a Sheikh or a Catholic Preist or an Anglican Right Reverend and not just a mere Pastor. Some fans called the Pastor a fraudster when the National News Paper Daily Monitor posted the expensive Wedding reception. Some Anglican Christians said they do not validate the wedding certificate because it doesn’t come from the right person.

I personally failed to understand this, somehow i felt the whole acasion had lost meaning may be. Traditionally we were so much used to witnessing a wedding ceremony that was presided over by a Preist or an Anglican Right Reverend and that’s the only way you thought that was a valid wedding. But today we also have a born again faith which has grown so wide across the Country and it has become very difficult to disbelieve but its real and regarded a certfied religion in Uganda however it is not surprising to see a certain section of people in Uganda fail to approve of the Born Again faith.

This is simply in my view because there’s no systematic model of how becomes a Professional Pastor given the fact that Catholic Preists are professionally trained including Moslims and Anglicans. Born Again faith has sprouted drastically across the Country to the extent every church has a Pator who can Wed at anytime but also we have seen a number Pastors in Money scandals, sex abuse scandals and fraudulent acts somehow the bigger section of Ugandans don’t believe in Pastors.


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