Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

Singer Naira Ali releases Another Love Song

Singer Naira Ali releases Another Love Song in it She featured some of Uganda’s finest Rapper

Eezzy Who’s level of Hip Hop talent in Uganda is extraordinary one of the modern styles

Naira Ali releases Another Love Song
Singer Naira Ali releases Another Love Song

Lyrics you’d love to tune to. Eezzy is one of the few underground Rappers who does freelancing

Rapp on no Stress or Pressure but classic vybez if i would state it. Naira Ali herself

Is a class of her own. She does all the styles with the one most recent Gospel Kalango

Immediately after Kalango she released Bukodyo which also sensational club banger

But also Home/sitting room Sound sing lyrical one

Today. Naira has released a long song which she came out to call one of her best Love

Songs to ever do. The Kalango singer came to her socialmedia pages to state how she’s excited

Naira Ali releases Another Love Song

About this one Tik Tok love song calling it one her best Long songs to release

Where she featured one of Uganda’sfinest Rappers Eezzy. The song is tittled

Tik Tok and in it The coupleis newly in Love or have just fallen for each other and waiting for that day

When they’re gonna meet and have their first taste of the Love fruit with Easy asking

His companionw what should love him to do to her.

In other Verses, the Rapper opens up on how he’s so good interms of opening

The Plate of food that’s ready to be eaten. He mentions in his Rap how he can open

The top plate covering the food so diligently with no panic at all before tasting on it

On the otherhand, Naira replys telling Eezzy how she should come in a short Dress ready for him

That she cannot stand without him. When she’s close to him she begins to calculate between its gonna be…

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