Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
Naira Ali

Naira Ali

Singer Naira Ali is likely to Succeed Musically because she ain’t Proud like other Musicians

Naira Ali

Naira Ali who’s best known for her nice Vocals and unbearable smiles both while on stage and on individual interactions.

The Singer who does both Secular and Gospel has also shown interest in selling her Music to Media houses and promoters to enable her to earn from her work.

But this is not why today at TKG have chosen to write about her, it is simply her flexibility and simplicity to interact with her fans but also with other parties say Promoters & Media partners.

If today you contacted Naira, you’d be surprised at the rate how she’ll choose to write back to you without her feeling proud or what.

There’s a time when we contacted Singer Bruno K Ug and how it took us so long to go through. But once we did with Naira Ali it was completely different.

She went ahead and tagged us as if that was not enough, she also comments on our work. We’re really are proud of her and wish her the best in her career.

The singer recently released her great Gospel hit Kalango which you might want to look for. It’s good to tell you the truth. Today she has Bukodyo. You don’t have to miss this one

And actually, we have seen a number of her fans and the people who have seen her from buttom to top give credit to her. This is what Dickens said about her on social media;

“I Met Naira Ali So Many Years Ago, on her First Song. We Were Both Naive So We Took Each Other Process by Process. Dixon Kawonawo was their to Look on.

I Was the Very First Person to Give her An Interview in the Newspapers.
I Continued Writing About her, from Quarter a page, Half, Full page, to two full pages and more.

My First impression was her Character, She is a Free Person. Then her Voice, her Talent is Exceptional. I was Also Taken by Her Beauty, She Looked so Beautiful Wali Wona… But Her Manager Dickens was on the Guard.

No One Predicted her Penetration in the Industry But God Made it Possible.
She Now Owns a Number of Good Songs in Her Name and she has Made Many of us Dance Over the Years.

Am Glad We Are Still Friends to date.

Happy For You Naira, Lwakuba Obulamu Omukolo Gwa Gomesi.

2 thoughts on “Singer Naira Ali is likely to Succeed Musically because she ain’t Proud like other Musicians

  1. I like Naira she has a big ❤too ,she is selfless, social and lives her lives the way she wants it..
    In terms of family she likes her kid sisters she will give out anything like clothes, shoes, even if she was gonna wear the outfit the following day in concert. ebintu byensi tebimwemazaamu! Good daughter!!!

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