Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

Sheilah Gashumba to pay fees for 100 students

Sheilah Gashumba to pay school fees for 100 girls, brags about having a big heart.

Sheilah Gashumba says she has a golden heart and she wants to prove it. The petite socialite is willing to pay school fees for at least 100 girls once schools reopen.

Sheilah Gashumba says she is willing to pay school fees for at least 100 girls

“Once schools open, I’m doing 100 girls’ school tours and giving out 100 scholarships. Each school with one scholarship for a girl with confidence,” she announced on Twitter.

She went on to say that she learned to give back to society from her dad.

“When I was younger, I had Xmas only twice in the village, the rest of the time my dad and I were doing charity at Sanyu babies home every Xmas and Easter!! My dad has a golden heart and I learned to give back from him!! I just don’t talk about it,” she wrote.

Gashumba, 26, who is currently on holiday in Dubai, once revealed that her earnings from several gigs net her over 70 million Uganda shillings a month.

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She bragged about how she makes that much money just by working on her phone, leaving several of her followers awestruck.

The petite socialite bragged about making 70M while seated home with her phone

She, however, explained that she has been working using her phone since she was eight and she is forever grateful to her dad for buying her her first phone.

“I think the best thing my dad ever bought me when I was young was a phone!! Got my first phone at 8 years and my computer too!! He got me quick typing tutorial games to speed up my typing on any keyboard and now I make close to 20,000usd a month by working on my phone,” she said.

Baffled, her fans begged to know how she makes all that sum just by chilling out on her phone. She promised to explain through a YouTube video.

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