Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

Sharon O Brags off how she has many Problems but Rent is not one of them

Sharon O is famously known for being a participant and housemaid at the Big brother Africa in the year 2011. She’s also known for her Actress role in different local Movies and also a business Woman.

The renowned City Model has been seen earlier today on her social media pages bragging on how she no longer rents and how she’s all Comfortable in her thing. Sharon continued to mention how she has many problems but highlighted particularly about how at least Rent is not one of them. Well,

Sharon & Boyfriend

She has also controversially mentioned that she forgets her Boyfriend’s name may we presume because she’s beautiful. You know the girls who know they’re beautiful  tend not to bow down for their loved ones.

There are also rumors that the two are not at good terms recently. Anytime the bomb could explode. Meanwhile we wish Sharon all the best. We’ll keep our hands crossed & will update you on her next move.

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