Thu. Oct 5th, 2023

See a changed Woman Nina Roz

Nina Roz being baptized

Nina Roz is now a born again Child of God having received a number of sticks from Men. She’s now a learned woman. She has totally decided to change her oldways inorder to be more impactful. The other day, we saw Nina dancing and leading praises and worships in the Church, She found a new Pastor who now feeds her the Word. The nextday she was fully baptized by her New Ps. Pastor Arnold Muwonge and today she one of the kind of a woman everyone would want to marry. Let’shope all this is not hoax.

On her social Media page she posted encouraging her fellow females to change completely for the better and not for the worsed. See what she said

“Ladies from the look of things and how today’s generations change ,
It’s all about us to change what society thinks we ARE. Let’s get to enjoy what makes us Women WORK…..WORK…….
Nakula bangamba office yo mukazi ffumbiro” We don’t know whether she means whatever she says but let’s keep fingers crossed to hope for the better part of her.

We don’t know yet whether she has also changed the style of Music from Secular to Gospel. Nina Roze is known for marrying Producer and Singer Daddy Andre a year back who exchanged marriage Vows only to see them call for devorce another day. The couple had gone on to produce anumber of songs including Ssikikukweka. There’s nothing one would think was going to happen between the two to seperate them but guess what, they did.

Today she has decided to start a new chapter in her life and no one is gonna stop her. We don’t know whether its gonna end in tears like the today’s saying or she’s going to maintain it that leve but wish her all the best onlg that it us so much surprising to see how the World can turn around in just a blink.

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