Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

Security and COVID19 guidelines Tightened in Kampala

Security and COVID19 Guidelines tightened in Kampala after a number of Bombblasts

In different parts of Kampala. Ahead of Presidential Speech or National address this

Security and COVID19 Guidelines tightened in Kampala
Security and COVID19 Guidelines tightened in Kampala after Kampala’s bomber

Friday and after terror attacks in Kampala on Monday, Building owners in Kampala

And the resr of Uganda have been strictly directed to install security Cameras around

Their buildings, building and Mall entrances plus all other public institutions

Including Markets, Universities and many other public places.

The Kampala Bomb attacks that whit on Monday have been condemned and criticised by

Many international bodies and states including the US Embassy which recently

Criticised the act. Local researchers and Political analyst like Andrew Mwenda

Yesterday made his analysis and conclunde the bomb mover were under remote controllers

He confirmed that the bomb Cariers were under certain instructions which they either

Fulfilled or failed to and could not reach final destinations hence the detonators

Were inclined to blast theirs there and then

At the Kampala Gossip, we tried to reach out to different buildings in Kampala

And down town Kikubo and Mukwano Arcade to analyse the situations there and how

Building owners are responding to Presidential and Intelligence guidelines

At Ham Shopping Grounds, security was right as well as the COVID19 Presidential guidelines

The Nakivubo trading Centres had all installed security Cameras on all entry & exite points

The traders were back onto streets to try and make ends meet, generally there was no panic

Downtown. There’s some level of Confindence among the local traders down town

It is Business as Usual. COVID19 Presidential guidelines have also been maintained

The little the Kampala Gossip team saw over the days among the Kampalians

Is “come on, life goes on no matter the attack. Our kids have to go to school, they have to feed

And we also have to save the little we’re making and life goes on.



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