Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

Remah’s News Of Babybirth Shocks Kampala

Remah’s News Of Babybirth Shocks Kampala. Singe and soul vocalist Rehemah Namakula

Finally gifts Dr. Ssebunya with ababy Girl this Sunday. The Singer ran to her social media pages

Remah's News Of Babybirth Shocks Kampala
Remah’s News Of Babybirth Shocks Kampala

To rant about her delivery. Remah posted showing how she was moving to Hospital for delivery

Singer Remah being rashed to Hospital for delivery

And immediately after other Four Hours, she came posting how she had given birth to a baby

Bouncing girl whom they call Baby Aliyah Ssebunya 11/07/2021 Aliyah arrives in Kampala Uganda

However other unclear sources has it that the Singer gave birth to the baby Bouncing girl two weeks ago

And now the Ssebunya’s family is just playing the Public’s minds to depict another picture

Yet the actual news is Remah gave birth to the baby now 2weeks ago.

More still our other sources have confirmed that Remah’s News Of Babybirth

Today 11th of November 2021 is what is corret.

On the other hand, it is said Kampala is so shocked by Remah’s delivery of a baby Bouncing girl

Simply because, there’s no where on Media houses where she was seen pregnant

Some of the clothes she wore and hide her pregnancy

It was all speculations that was actually Pregnant but never ever was seen pregnant

Our other sources at TKG has it that Remah’s News Of Babybirth has shocked other singers

In Kampala since many of them had thought Dr. Is not fertile at all and had failed to kick the penalty

Plus scoring the goals. Today’s news comes the biggest shock of Kampala ever

To many friends of Remah’s especially fellow Muscians plus fans across the Country



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