Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

Pastor Mondo becomes The Biblical Moses In Kenya

Pastor Mondo becomes the Biblical Moses In Kenya

The self proclaimed Prophet and  Ugandans Pastor become the Moses who crossed Israelites

From Egypt to Canan land. In otherwords Ps Mondo is seen as the Biblical Moses in Kenya

His current Conference is raising about $100 for each Kenyan to be able to register to receive

Pastor Mondo becomes the Biblical Moses in Kenya Moses
Pastor Mondo becomes the Biblical Moses in Kenya

Special deliverance from the Ugandan Man of God Prophet Mugisha Mondo

Some people who have watched him from day one say they look at him as the Benheim of the sorts

Kenyans are to much running to receive his word and deliverance like he’s Jesus Christ

And at TKG we kept on watching the whole stunt about Pastor Mondo and somehow we sympathise with

The man of God. Normally there has never been Smoke without fire.

If the people of Nairobi have interpreted Pastor Mondo the way Ugandans didn’t

There’s always reasons behind what Ugandans failed to see in the Man of God and Kenyans are doing so.


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