Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

Pallaso The Star that Has Stood test of time

Pallaso the Star that has stood test of time in his Music Career and finally pulled his bat down

And settled to concentrate lyrically. The singer who had been to US since his childhood

Pallaso the Star that has stood tesr of time
Pallaso the Star that has stood test of time deserves all the best

Return to Uganda in the late 2000s with alot of perspective, alot of vybe with Music

The star came back with all the hype to crack down the local content into a one modern

Mixed with the American style of English, swag and rap kind of style career

Only to return home and the Music Industry was totally insane, crazy and needed time to understand

Pallaso later realised he couldn’t crack down the local style apart from Corperating with

Some of the local Artists and learned how it all had to be done to capture that Kampalian love

Pallaso the Star that has stood test of time
Star King of East Pallaso Entertaining the Zzinaz

Pallaso resorted to making serious Music Collaborations with the like of his Old brother Jose

Weasle and AK47 then. He went ahead to work with the likes Eddy Kenzo, Ziza Bafana & David Lutalo.

He did dance hall with alot of American style of rap and soul. However

Things did not turn out the way he had expected. The start did a mixture of American accents and luganda

But still his dancehall couldn’t work well with his Competitors in the Industry

At that time. The likes of Coco Fingre then who was rocking Kampala, Young Mulo, Big Eye and Bebe Cool

Its however around 2018, 2019 & 2020 and now 2021 when the Star had to pull down his bat

Realised the whole game of music. Pallaso combined the humble background

And the networks that were created by the Mayanja family

He used that background to learn more about the Kampala style of Music. Life styles

Pallaso with friends in the UK

He remained humble and focused. Today if you asked me, he’s one of the Best Female Artist of this Century

He’s got local Awards from Zzina and Galaxy, Hipipo and Galazy fm among others

He’s got anumber of hits after hits back to back and all nice ones without a doubt.

At The Kampala Gossip, we have created and watched his rate and history right from the start

He deserves a huge mention.

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