Thu. Oct 5th, 2023

OS forgives Kayz & Colleagues grants them free bail

OS forgives Kayz & Colleagues grants them free bail.

After several engagements with different stakeholders and different parties and friends.

Kayz Waako and Mako granted forgiven & granted bail

The likes of Bruno K. Ug., Next Media, Dauglas Lwanga, MC Kats, Calvin The Entertainer on his famous Horizon Vibes Kays, Waako and Mako are finally

Left to move free.

According to Singer Bruno K, i warned these boys to change the style of their presentation

I even went ahead to them know that Os was willing to arrest them take them to court if they didn’t change

But the sturbon Kayz kept on pretending he didn’t know who Os

SuperStar Singer and Vocalist OS Suna only wanted an apology nothing else.

“These guys stood on National TV and called me every sorts of things

I also want them to come public, I’ll forgive them publicly says Legendary” Os Suna.

Os Suna on the famous Horizon Vibes clearly stated he needed Justice to be served

I wanted to teach these guys a lesson that i have worked through difficult times to reach where i am today.

Os Suna forgives Kayz and Colleagues

But for any one to come and deform my reputation in just a single show is insane and i cannot let it continue.

According to TV Personality Calvin; Artists and TV Personalities and Journalists,

They all need each other and once mistakes are make, then both parties ought to apologise

To one another and then business as usual.

OS Suna forgives Kayz & Colleagues grants them free bail.

Os Suna came out to express how he felt insulted by Kay’s TV shows not once not twice

He warned them through different authorities ranging from UMA, Next Media, UCC

But there was no response that required serious alterations which called for further actions

And then we decided to take action to legality

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