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Nyanjura Doreen an Iron lady She is as a result of her upbringing

The Iron lady Doreen Nyanjura. I write about her today simply because many if not myself have got inspired by her all strategies, moves and lifestyles or lets say her journey .

But also she comes from my home town Nyamabuga town Council, Kyenjojo District. At some point i used to visit her elder brother Ali Atwooki whom we grew up together as brothers and tight friends.

Ali and i have tremendous amount of memories, some of my scars on my skin are because of Ali then, he was more playful than anybody else at home yet a very hardworking boy and we all stayed in the same roof once we met.

Ali was older than all of us and actually Doreen and i share the same year of birth, same age. Ali & i enjoyed Soccer call it local football.

This was our favourite game plus Listing to Music of both local & International scenes. Doreen while at home, she still played a role of any other old girl in the house and that’s how serious she was.

You’d hardly find her playing. It was more of do this do this kind of lifestyle with her, very decisive young girl. I doubt if she remembers me really at all but yes, me, i do.

That story aside, may be for another day. I joinded Nyakasura School in 2003 a year when unfortunately she had left that area for Kyebambe Girls for her Secondary level but more still i didn’t know she stayed around with her Dad Mr. Muhenda Deputy Head Teacher Nyakasura School then.

I all of a sudden started very much hearing about her when i was doing my 2nd. Degree at Team University which was a scholarship from Tooro Kingdom.

Unfortunately i was at Makerere  but didn’t pay any serious attention to her political moves & trust me that time it was her epitome however deep down my heart, i knew her potentiality.

Being raised by a tough Mum Ateenyi. Ateenyi, if i met her today, I’d look at her as my own Mum, I’d give her a huge hug because trust me she played one or two roles in our lives then.

A woman with distinguished, reserved kind of love especially in her tone while she speaks to you at home and Doreen’s Dad my former deputy Head Teacher at Nyakasura School in the Picture below was equally exceptional,

Doreen deserves where she is now and or even better. The toughness and that bold face in the Picture the Dad depicts are exactly what will come out of his mouth while he commands or guides his own son, daughters or students & the students at Nyakasura can attest to this.

Mr. Muhenda was later transferred to Maddox Senior Secondary in Kyenjojo as full Headteacher from where he retired. My own Mum Mrs. Kabasomi Angelina & my Uncle Mugabyomu  went to the same School & my Mother then was at Butiiti Teacher’s College as a science Senior Tutor. The cooperation between these people  continued since they had known each other even before while growing up in Nyamabuga.

At some point i walked to his office at Maddox Senior Secondary in my Senior six vacation to talk to him as any elder of our township & the then Headteacher of that Secondary.

What am i trying to say by all this in the nutshell, is simply that Doreen could not by all means have failed to go this far considering the hands she had gone through.

Several times she has also been closely working and being mentored by Legendary National Opposition leader Dr. Kiiza Besigye and the rest the likes of Lord Mayor Elias himself, all these have made her the Iron lady that she is today, so unbreakable & so unstoppable.

Today her greatest outcry is watching Dr. in his retirement from active politics. Most times she wonders who’ll ever perform opposition duties like Dr. Besigye did?

Well, we her fans and people that look up to her believe she has what it takes, she’s been fully trained all the way since her Secondary school, times she stayed with both her mother and Dad, University days and days after University with Political elders in the pictures below is enough to push her even to greater heights.

Today Mr. Muhenda her Dad is one of our township consultants in his retirement, local people and former students look up to him as a great advisor and mentor infact he’s a good friend to my Mentor Uncle Mr. Mugabyomu Richard who’s currently The Mayor of our Town Council (Nyamabuga).

The names Nyamabuga and Kyenjojo are becoming very influential names and places in the Country currently ( & actually the best Mathematics student in the whole Country in P.L.E Exams 2020/2021 came from Kyenjojo District) having raised the deputy Lord Mayor and now my Uncle a Mayor of our area.

Sounds crazy but true. Myself have having good good plans for my home township & by this, i mean let’s say put up a Science & Engineering University typical of practicals only etc.. therefore,

No one can believe the Deputy Lord Mayor Capital Kampala can come from the deep end Nyamabuga, the deep extreme ends of Kabarole, Kyenjojo, Tooro region. Don’t get surprised to see Doreen raising

to even bigger positions in the Country because she simply comes from the right background of the best setting or so & actually my great Uncle, Mr. Mugabyomu Richard

was a senior Auditor at Uganda Clays Ltd. Kajjansi for about 20years or so and if he’s currently our town Council Mayor, its not surprising at all as well. Simply shows where powerful people do come from. In a small township deep down in Tooro. You could see him in the National Parliament anytime from now.

Blessings to my hometown Nyamabuga, blessings to our Sons and daughters from there to the rest of the World.

Like we keep mentioning: Aluta continua, Doreen has potential & many of her generation look up to her never to loose hope. She has our support, has our love and blessings.


Arthor & Editor; Bugema Abd Shakur.

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