Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

Nelson Tugume takes Ugandan Coffee to New York

Nelson Tugume selling Uganda Coffee

Uganda’s Coffee Sector takes a serious Revive. The Inspire Africa brain Nelson Tugume has decided to promote Uganda’s Tourism industry, Uganda’s trade sector but most importantly Uganda’s locally grown Coffee to Europe and America.

Well, and at TKG we recognise any good thing that is done to put Uganda on top. We shine the light on Mr.Tugume Nelson for using his personal experience and knowledge in as far as entrepreneurship is concerned to revive Coffee market thar had been dreading to graves in the past years.

Nelson Tugume in New York

Nelson is commonly remembered for his Inspire Africa Magazine that trended very much in early 2000 that almost made him a billionaire. Inspire Africa Project was then set to identify potential young entrepreneurs who then would and had used their business ideas to sort world problems and impact the community they lived in. The project ran across East African countries of Uganda, Kenya, South Sudan, Tanzania and Rwanda. This project was able to identify a number of potential young entrepreneurs. In Uganda there was a one Doctor. Dr. Musinguzi was and is still one of the young Doctors in the Country. His dream then was to put up a Hospital that would cater for the Patients of all kinds but also produce young Medical personnel worth the sector. Soon we should learn about his wareabouts to keep up with him. Nelson Tugume with his Inspire Africa Magazine was able to achieve all this and if today he’s still into uplifting this country’s trade especially Coffee is something worth any appreciation to him.

Nelson Tugume with his Project Inspire Africa

It is therefore heartworming to see him back again to put foward a Ugandan product and in the process promote Uganda’s trade Industry and tourism.

Ugandan Coffee to New York

According to our sources, yes some how Ministry of trade and Industry, Ministry of tourism and Uganda Coffee board Authority are involved in his movements but Nelson cannot go unmentioned for his efforts.

Thanks Nelson thanks to the Ministries.

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