Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

Michael Ross Uganda’s RnB Legend

Michael Ross Kakooza is formerly known as Michael Ross.

Talking about legends, the bells begin to ring for some of the best music we used to listen to then in the 90s & that was more of international but purely done by domestic guys.

Michael Ross

You’d think it was the likes of Usher, Micheal Jackson, or R. Kelly of then and that was actually Michael Ross typically a Ugandan.

Michael Ross had all the strokes you’d dream to watch then & even those from the Jackson’s we knew Michael had them.

Hits by Michael Ross

  1. Clothes Off
  2. Yooyo
  3. Gimme me Chance
  4. Siniorita
  5. Yenze Musajja Akwagala
  6. Love I feel

Many of his classics you cannot finish.
I’ll give you some of the links HERE

With the smiles and sexy performances in his Videos, you’d think he’s not Ugandan & looking at how times and trends were then, it was very difficult to put up such kinds of performances but I tell you, Micheal did and everybody loved him.

In other news on the TKG desk, Micheal is now born again Christian who officially accepted Jesus as his personal savior after breaking up from his long-time Lover who left for Canada.

We’re not sure whether he’s searching for the new Lover or so or Single. Our recent interactions with him indicate that he’s very much still into music & having fresh singles ready to produce soon however he kept on mentioning he’d stick to singing love songs but also not so in Luganda but nice ones that inspire or rings bells of love.

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