Thu. Oct 5th, 2023

Mesach Ssemakula

Mesaach Celebrates 49th Birthday to perform in SA

Mesaach Celebrates 49th Birthday to perform in South Africa this December

The singer this last week of November celebrated his 49th Birthday in style with all his lovely

Mesaach Celebrates 49th Birthday to perform in South Africa
Mesaach Celebrates 49th Birthday to perform in SA.

Friends present at his Pub/Restaurant in Makindye Mubarak. The self proclaimed

Local Legend Mesaach during his 49th Birthday Celebrations, thanked all his friends

And counterparts and narrated how he’s a happy man seeing everyone come

To celebrate with him. He further narrated that he normally does things in ways which are personal

He doesn’t force things but can even work as waiter and give out Soda or plates of

Food to his customers. He also noted that sometimes he sings and performs to his

Friends just on a friend basis. No one has to pay him. He does it out of love. He narrated

A story of how sometime back he went to Masaka and performed at a friends birthday

Freely and all his friends were planning to pay him but he didn’t take the payment

Simply offered his love the sameway, his friends do to him.

On his birthday his managers including Madam Zai of South Africa a sister to Singer Nubian li was

Present and gave a testimony of how sweet Mesaach can be and how long they have been

She also gave him agift of Land tittle already in his Names, handed over on spot. She said they have been

Friends all through his Musical career for about 10years or so. During Madam

Zai’s speech, she narrated that sometimes when they’re together, they can decide to travel

Up country and in this case Masaka, Mesaach is so normal when you see him deep down

In the Village. If it is required of him to carry a jerrican of water Mesach will do that for you

Zai narrated that sometimes people come to ask whether is he the real Mesaach and some

Can faint around knowing that he is the one

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