Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

Media Mogul Arinaitwe Rugyendo Completes his Home Mansion During Lockdown

The Motivational Speaker, News Paper Mogul Rugyendo has finally completed his Mansion amidst lockdown when many were recouping their savings for survival, Arinaitwe was busy back in the Village putting his Multimillion home to completion.

The self-proclaimed writer, editor of the Series Kibwetere in the Kampala’s most-read the Newspaper Daily Monitor has of late been so busy so to say where after loosing his Lovely Mother, decided to get back his hands not only dirty but to projects and also to establishing a number of businesses one of them being building a lovish home.

There are also rumors that the News Editor has also established a Science and Innovation College which focuses on Kids of 5years and Twelve that can do Mathematics and can handle dole crafting, dole assembling to come up with objects say a vehicle, tractor, pullies, etc.

This is aimed at creating a future generation of scientists who can innovate and manufacture. We, therefore, shine a light on him at the TKG.

Rugyendo has also seen a number of colleagues succeed in life through Mentoring them and showing them the way, some of which include Fred Ndirugendawa, Innocent Nahabwe of Galaxy FM, and Many others.

There are also stories that he is as well pursuing his Ph.D. at one of the great Universities in the Country currently according to our sources.

We shine the light on him at The Kampala Gossip but also continue to learn from him as a mentor and one of the great Guys the Country has ever got.

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