Thu. Oct 5th, 2023

Kololo turned into Amodern city Of its Own

Kololo turned into Amodern City of its Own

If you have not been to Naguru, Kamwokya, Bukoto, Kisementi and Kololo both lower and Upper

Kololo turned into Amodern City of its own ity
Kololo turned into Amodern City of its Own

I am here thinking about you and how behind you have been left. Most Kampalians

Complain alot of how this government had not done anything blah blah but to my guess that’s

May not be true. Very many things have been done and unfortunately we’re not aware

And very many things have not been done as well just like in USA or Qatar or Russia

Like i said. Its unfortunate we don’t know of the many done and actually those many

Which have not been done. The only Problem with Kampalians or some Ugandans

Is the overstay of the President and that’s what keep on fascinating many as an Obstacle

But 35 years of NRM have not been to waste if you’re so Exploratory in as far as Uganda’s history is concerned

Here i took asmooth tour but fast journey into the upper Kampala and the so called

Kololo turned into Amofern city of its Own

Naguru and Kololo. The monumental and Historical places in as far as Uganda’s Independence

And Politics and history are all concerned

Explored how the New plan to turn Kololo and the surrounding areas has so far been effected

50% or 60 lets say. All you need now in those areas are more of the raised scrapers way you see Nakasero

But all this is so coming one you explore more of Kololo starting from the Airstrip

Down to Embassies and High Commissions to Individual residents or Hotels

The Streets are all put as we talk, the kind of layout and the traffic lights installed

Four laned Streets and City roads. Two vehicles from the two sides. The traffic flow is all lit & organised

Are different from the ones installed in Kololo and actually when you’re in Kololo

It is a different City from Kampala. The feeling there is the same you feel while in Nyayo looking at the

City centre of Nairobi. Two completely different Cities.

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