Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
Kenyan Girls begin to Out compete Ugandan Girls

Kenyan Girls begin to Out compete Ugandan Girls

Kenyan Girls begin to Outcompete Ugandan Girls

Kenyan Girls begin to out compete Ugandan girls at the end of 2021

Interms of beauty and figure Maintenance especially the hips which used to be a Ugandan thing over

Kenyan Girls begin to Out compete Ugandan Girls
Kenyan Girls begin to Out compete Ugandan Girls interms looks and figure Maintenance

The years. Uganda is known for these beautiful and unique physical features,

Animals, nice people so welcoming and hospitable but more especially beautiful girls with unique figures

Today things are beginning to change slowly but also drastically

Kenya has been known for its rich economic power and population and ofcourse fantastic

Reliable political leadership structures which us meant to change at the time stipulated in their Constitution

Kenya was not known at anytime for having nice and beautiful girls especially

Interms of figure or body maintenance. Girls have had hard to deal-kind of body looks

Today things are changing may be because of the COVID19 lockdown rules

Which were very not very much emphasised in Kenya but were in Uganda

Kenyan Girls begin to Out compete Ugandans
Kenyan Girls begin to Out compete Ugandans in looking more responsible and body goals

Girls in Kenya have embacked on Body goals for not long period of time and the results have

Began to manifest among the Nairobi girls. The girls in Nairobi are now looking more

Serious than any girl you see on the Streets of Kampala. Their body goals seem to have

Taken a step ahead Uganda’s Girls. Their bodies are now light and attractive

The hips have also began to appear more shaped ever than Ugandan girls. Their bodies

Looking lighter and even more so attractive than Kampala girls to say. What you see in Uganda

Is a culture now of slayqueens on streets with no jobs but also girls who are more hungry for Money

And material things, all you can see is a group of University girl graduates on streets who look for men

To give them Money for survival. Today they’re less productive, less active, unemployed Girl

Ugandan girls looking more of Slayqueens than responsible upbrought citizens

Have forgotten completely to take care of their bodies and figures. Their former culture is and has shifted

To Kenya in the meantime. The society of girls or ladies in Uganda need to go back to embrace

Ugandan cultures but also to create jobs and to become more productive, More even supportive

To their husbands, boyfriends. Focusing on SlayQueening and copying Western cultures should

Immediately stop. The government shoul as well open up the economy and schools soon.

What’s the Secret? Kenyan girls are now more lihgt than Ugandan girls more intelligent


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