Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

Kenneth Kimuli a.k.a Pablo Joins the World of Charity as he does Comedy as well.

Kenneth Kimuli a.k.a Pablo somehow joined Rotary to help him fulfill his dreams of helping the needy call it an endangered community.
In his summons, while having interactions with our team, he told his story.

13 years ago I was passing by a Watoto Church booth that had photos of children that needed sponsorship.

Kenneth Kimuli a.k.a Pablo and Belinda Alaba

There was one that caught my attention. It was of a one-year-old girl. She had been abandoned by her parents. It’s a sad story not worth sharing here. The Bible says we shouldn’t have a record of wrongs but rejoice in the truth.

I chose to partner with Watoto church to raise this adorable child. She turns 14 on this day.
Happy birthday Mia Belinda Alaba my dearest daughter.

Thank you Watoto Church for raising her. May God grant you the desires of your heart.

The icing on the cake is that she recently joined the junior national basketball team. I guess I need to buy her shades – her future is bright.

Pablo has also gone into writing books and as if that’s not enough he currently has a comedy show on Prime Pearl Magic a one famous local entertainment TV channel on DSTV that focuses on only local content.

In trying to do charity and add value to those struggling I have happened to meet many incredible people who are down to earth but also have achieved many things in life. Among those, I met was Mr. Amos Wekesa who many say we resemble and many suspects we’re brothers.

Kenneth Kimuli a.k.a Pablo and Amos Wekesa

Pablo is one of the guys who found comedy in Uganda actually he is the one who has brought Stand-Up Comedy in Uganda.

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