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Julie Mutesasira Cries for her baby’s CashPraize

Julie Mutesasira Cries for her baby’s Cash Praize from East Africa’s Got Talent event

EAGT was a talent search that was hosted in the Capital Nairobi sponsored

Julie Mutesasira Cries for her baby's Cash
Julie Mutesasira Cries for her baby’s Cash Praize from East Africa’s Got Talent

Kenya’s telecom giant Safaricom to search for potential talents across the region

And the Award was $ 50,000 to be given to Winners. It is said that since 2019. That money has never been received

Over the weekend, East Africa’s Got Talent (EAGT) winners Esther and Ezekiel Mutesasira sparked outrage after they revealed that to date, they are yet to receive their grand prize of $50,000 (sh178m) for winning the competition in Nairobi, Kenya in 2019.

Easther and Ezekiel Mutesasira’s babies

On Wednesday, October 27, 2021, they wrote again seeking advice. They noted that they have waited for two years already and are very frustrated.

Julie Mutesasira Cries for her baby's Cash Praize
The East Africa’s Got Talent Winner’s being given their Dummy Cheque

They added: “Do not get us wrong it has been such an amazing experience, very humbling, inspiring other young kids and all the amazing people we have met along the way! While we appreciate the platform EAGT gave us, it is their duty as well to fulfil the promises. This is a serious concern to us as the funds are delayed, no one from EAGT has reached out like you recall, we promised to donate some of the money to different charities and would not want to make empty promises! Sorry we had to shade some light on this. Guys what do you think we should do?”

The BET award winner, singer Eddy Kenzo has also implored his fans and followers to share the post by the singing siblings everywhere to help them secure their Cash Praize.

“We need to share this everywhere what a corrupt world banange. So sad,” Kenzo noted.

Eddy Kenzo networth and Foundations - Fremer Media
Kenzo has joined the cry to demand for the winner’s money

Meanwhile, comedienne Anne Kansiime, who was the host, accused the organisers of being dishonest and ruining the spirit of the promising singers.

It is unbelievable how unscrupulous and disingenuous our people can be for sure. This is not only very unfortunate, it is very discouraging and demoralising. Sometimes the only hope is that everyone eventually gets what is coming to them. You remain our winners.


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