Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023


Juliana and Vinka hit their Biggest Deal of Season

Juliana and Vinka hit their Biggest Deal of Season especially during COVID19 lockdown

The two singers met at the Moreflex Diaper Company Ltd. To sign as postnatal mothers

Juliana Kanyomozi has had the opportunity to be one of the Signatories

Of the New Company which has just launched in Uganda as biggest suppliers

Of diapers and pampers for babies. Juliana being One of the Artists with newly born babies

Became the quickest target for the Marketing of these new products across the Entertainment Industry

According to our sources at The Kampala Gossip, the singer has been awarded the contract

With ahuge deal of paycheque supposed to run for years until its presumed null

Juliana Kanyomozi Signed to Molfix

The Female singer who’s nursing and baby sitting a son has highly welcomed the deal

Having a son that’s the best appropriate as a consumer, the singer is been so delighted

VINKA on the otherhand has been chosen by the Company as one of the best candidates

Having a newly born baby, this has come as ahuge opportunity with products

Vinka signing her Contract

But also with it attached is the Money on the contract.

This makes the deal one of the biggest of their career since the outbreak of COVID19

As we all know COVID19 lockdown has been the biggest hit of the Entertainment Industry

Many Artists have been stark in the curfew and as well as countrywide lockdown

Because gatherings and Public events have been for now close to two years and half closed

It has been quite a unique evet having a Company that signs up two Artists at ago


It is always rare to have two different Artists signed up by a single Company especially in Uganda.

This must have been the first of its kind. But also to have two different Artists in Maternity leave

Is a unique event.



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