Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

Jose Chameleone reportedly sold his music catalog to UgaTunesApp worth Shs3.5Bn

Jose Chameleone reportedly sells his catalog to UgaTunesApp worth Shs3.5Bn

Gossip reports reaching our news desk reveal that Leone Island Music Empire boss, Joseph Mayanja alias Jose Chameleone, sold off his music catalog to UgaTunes App management worth Shs 3.5B after meeting Gen. Salim Saleh earlier this week.

Although the rumor is yet to be confirmed, reports reveal that he could have sold each and everything in his catalog which critics have come out to point as a wrong move by the artist.

The rumor was made public by Dembe FM’s Talk N Talk show music critic, Jenkins Mukasa during the show as he advised Chameleone to look for him to confirm and share some knowledge and a few insights.


If at all the rumor is found to be true, Chameleone won’t be the first artist to have sold his artistic work to the UgaTunes App management.

He will have joined some Kadongo Kamu musicians who reportedly sold off all their works to the App management team.

The only difference is that Chameleone is reportedly being offered much more money than the rest since the likes of Willy Mukabya were offered Shs500M for their music albums.

Reliable information indicates that when an artiste sells off his music royalties to the UgaTunes App, they won’t be allowed to perform without permission from their bosses.

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