Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

Jose chameleone meets Bebe Cool in kiwatule

Jose chameleone meets Singer and Legend Bebe Cool in Kiwatule braggs about how this is not just a mere meeting but history that was built way back in 90s when Uganda Music was becoming digital

and says he’s glad they played their role in doing this even if some people don’t give credit where its due. These two have a bond you’d never break even if you’re a strong fan of one. You simply don’t know where the two met and how they struggled. Today they’re only doing what always binds them together.

This whole week has been abusy one in lives of celebrities. The so called legends especially the two above. Jose chameleone previously was caught in hullabaloos of begging for Money from top government officials the likes of Gen. Salim and only in the same period of time to fall sick.

Jose in Hospital with the Morher

He was rashed to the Hospital by his family relatives and in this case his Mom. From there, social media was alround speculating on how Chamilli was broke and was struggling to put up with his both standards and family. While all these were happening another strong NRM official and in this case particularly a relative to the President offered JOSE chameleone a brand new Ranger

and this is what has been trending this whole week. The eye witness has it that while the legend was receiving the vehicle, he knelt down to appreciate the giver. The fans have comeout strongly to oppose and condemn this. Others called Josey a beggar while others castigated Josey for abusing NUP while crossed over to NRM. The eye witness still has it that Josey kept on calling himself a predigo son a Biblical terminology meaning he had returned back home to Party he initially was a member.

JOSE chameleone’s New Ride

To some fans the issue was kneeling down while receiving the Rover and to other fans, the issue was mentioning that he had crossed over back to NRM as predigo son. However over the weekend;

Jose chameleone meets Singer and Legend Bebe Cool in Kiwatule which still raised concerns amongst fans who said he seeking sympathy.

But as an Independent entertainment Media, we strongly do not support this kind of treatment. Chamilli is a Legend FULL STOP. He’s a family guy who was well brought up. A Christian who has manners and i mean good ones. Receiving something from someone aught to appreciate and i mean i anyway you’d decide to do it. He knelt because that’s what was convenient for him but also it depends on what you’re getting from someone. Jose was getting a brand new Ranger.

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