Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

I was caught with Weed that’s all

I was caught with Weed that’s all Dancehall artiste, Vampino is now in the country after surviving jail in Jamaica.

A few days ago, Vampino wrote on his social media pages that he had been arrested in Jamaica because there was no direct flight to Africa.

But social media users punched holes in his story, blaming him for trying to remain relevant.

In a twist of events, the singer has given a detailed account of his arrest.

In an interview, Vampino said one of his Jamaican colleagues forgot weed in his bag and it was impossible to get it out because airport cameras were recording them.

I was caught with Weed that’s all

Vampos In an Interview with Nbs after 5

He also explained that his visa had expired yes but

I was caught with Weed that’s all

See how Singer Vampos contacted different people back in Uganda for help

I was caught with Weed that’s all says Vampos

“I write this with tears of joy coming from my ug pipo I can’t thank u enough for being so patriotic and concerned of whats been happening.
H.E Bobi Wine thanks alot brother…u indeed a people’s person..u took time to find out where I am.
Guys I reached at a point I lost hope in a room of seven guys with piss and shit next to where I put my head..
Nobody knew then what’s happening and they took all my belonging..the message I sent a guard was convinced by the jailed thugs some on murder charges,rape,gun cases,theft. They told him” help di African he is innocent”…that’s when I called u all out nga mpulila am at a dead end…
My wife Lydia Namakula Swe and manager Kojja LuCha and Pejay Boaz thanks alot guys…
Am now being escorted on a flight out of Jamaica Montego bay..
The reason I was put there is becoz they had no flight direct to Africa so they threw me in jail instead of a hotel.
I love u all am safe..good I had finished what took me out there.
And in all things I did in there with these guys was PRAYERS. And it has really helped.
To God be the Glory”

Vampos cries out;

I was caught with Weed that’s all

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