Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

Horizon Vibe With Calvin DeEntertainer the real Deal.

Horizon Vibe With Calvin DeEntertainer is the REAL DEAL i tell you. And if you have not

Calvin’s Horizo vibe is the REAL DEAL

Bothered to look for the show, you’rein your lane already left miles away for the Entertainment scene.

A show you’d compare to the likes of Nick Canon’s hot Wild N Out Show.

Wild N Out show is the one that hosts different Arts from Hollywood

Arts from American Music Industry, they then come together to Brain storm

Theirs is more of tease me i tease you. Who’s got more work in expression through Rapp game or so.

Calvin’s Horizon Vibe focused on OS’s conflicts with Presenter Kayz and Bruno K’s case with his former Managers or label.

HorizonVibe With Calvin DeEntertainer is the REAL DEAL i tell you.

Horizon Vibe With Calvin DeEntertainer is the REAL DEAL

Actually it was more fan seeing most of the parties involved live.

We’d love that kind of show where all the parties claimants and the accused talk face to face

But also Legal companies engaged to help answer legally.

And on The Kampala Gossip, we have observed. We’d advise Calvin to do tjis even more add salt to the source.

UBC alone has been one of the most boring Stations in town

To see Calvin bring such a vibe was so amazing and i mean even Makenzie who was live then

Gave his salutation to show and the Host Calvin.

Os Suna

The Calvin i used to know is actually and was the Original creator of TV Personality Presentation then

The likes Dauglas Lwanga followed but somehow was overtaken by the lokes of Mc Kats

HorizonVibe With CalvinDeEntertainer is theREAL DEAL i tell you.

Today if Calvin took the Horizon Vibe that serious, he’d have created Value that has never happened in Ugandan Entertainment Industry

That’s the view Calvins hould as soon as possible. I wish he was there to witness

How people liked the show live but more so, the National TV UBC then regains its Glory.

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