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Dr Hilderman

Dr Hilderman


A Mawokotanian son born on 3rd May 1982 to the late Mr. Maurice Nsubuga and Margaret Nakanwagi of Mbute Kampiringisa, Muyira Parish, Kammengo sub-County, Mpigi district in Mawokota County.

Education Background

He is 5th child in a family of eleven siblings. He went to Mbute Kampiringisa primary school where he sat for his PLE 1995, joined St Joseph’s Kikindu in 1996 to 1997, later joined St Kalemba where he sat for his S.4 Examinations.

He sat for his UACE exams from the mighty Mityana S.S.S in 2001 where he emerged amongst the best students.

This attained him a full sponsorship from the government to study at Makerere University School of performing arts where he graduated with a degree in performing arts in 2005.

In 2006 he joined Strathmore University Nairobi for a postgraduate diploma in Leadership and management which he completed in 2008. He holds certificates in public administration, psychology, and arts management.

Currently, he is a master’s student of Public administration and he intends to major in project planning, management, and administration.

Dr Hilderman

DR HILDERMAN and his music career

The multi-talented member of Parliament is so Passionate about the arts. He started singing in 2002 while at Makerere University as a CD carrier for musicians Master Parrot and No Creature.

He says this role helped him to study the industry and introduced him to the right stakeholders. He penetrated the limelight with his famous song Double-bed Mazongoto.

It was a mega bang that people up to today call him by Mazongoto for easy identification.

The gifted musician and member of Parliament have many hit songs that made him a household brand like campus gal, Kampe, Amelia, Abita ebikute, this year, talindeka, ontuuka ft Nantongo, Nze nawe ft Iryn Namubiru, omwana agenda, Mr matama ft Tigan amongst others.

His creations and unique approach to art define him exceptionally.

DR HILDERMAN the Busnessman

He is a businessman dealing in men’s garments from Turkey and Europe, a farmer, musician, songwriter, project developer, and Member of Parliament for Mawokota North in the 11th Parliament, and is acting as a Shadow minister for Arts and culture

His Ambitious attitude awakens the youth to believe, he makes you appreciate that everyone is born to be a winner.

He is a family man with children, heads Wokota Initiative and Zunguli brand.

His humble background from a gonja vendor at Kammengo stage to a popular musician and now to a member of Parliament is a great inspiration to many people.


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