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Gov’t to Create Competitions for the Talent search

Gov’t to Create Competitions for the Talent Search in Agriculture, Music, sports, Innovation, Engineering etc.

The Ministry of Gender Labor and Social Development has Thursday launched what they termed as “the Ghetto Got Talent Search and Health Awareness campaign”, inspired by a needs assessment exercise in various slums of the country with the aim of identifying what the youth of the community see as their priorities, skill gaps and capacity needs.

Hon. Nyirabashitsi Sarah Mateke, the State Minister for Youth and Children Affairs says one of their mandates as a ministry is to mobilize and empower communities to harness their potential while, protecting the rights of vulnerable population groups. Uganda’s young people below the age of 30 years comprise 78% of the country’s 40.7 million people.

“Unfortunately, youth unemployment in Uganda stands at 83%. It is these worrying statistics that constantly move the Government of Uganda to think of designing programs to tackle the unemployment situation among the youth” she said.

Gov’t to Create Competitions for the Talent Search in different sectors in the Country.

According to the national Youth Manifesto, there is a commitment by youth leaders and organizations to further organize and inspire the diversities of young people in the country not to sit back but rather do something to change the status quo. It is hoped that youth, youth leaders and organizations can fully embrace the Ghetto Got Talent Search as a vehicle towards the development of untapped talents in ghettos.

Minister Mateke mentioned that investment in training the youth to acquire skills required in the job market is highlighted in the NRM Manifesto and thus deliberate efforts will be made to create an environment that offers opportunities to create jobs for the youth.

Gov’tto Create Competitions for the Talent Search in Uganda in different sectors of development. According to the Minister;

“We will continue to fund the youth who are not in formal employment to enable them create jobs for themselves and also employ others, through our programmes of Youth Livelihood Program, Youth Venture Capital Fund, Uganda Women Entrepreneurship Program and Emyooga”.

While addressing the press in Kampala this morning, Mateke explained that the Ghetto Got Talent Search and Health awareness campaign presents an opportunity for the Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development to explore a different framework for doing research that connects more explicitly with the ministry’s objective of supporting marginalized communities in becoming healthy actors of social change through their various skillset by having community members actually engaged in and designing the research processes.

She added that the Government of Uganda has formulated generally sound policies and programs and designed appropriate initiatives to support youth employment to tackle the current plight of the majority of the youth. It is, therefore, incumbent upon the youth to acquaint themselves with the Government’s policies and programs to lift themselves out of poverty, under-employment and unemployment. The campaign is designed to identify, nurture and promote Uganda’s fresh talent in all the Ghettos around Uganda and also promote health awareness for sustainable  livelihoods.

This campaign will give the upcoming talented Ghetto youth an opportunity to show case and develop talent on a national platform. The search will focus on promoting Musical talent, Dance, Art and design, Comedy, Poetry, Magic, Fashion and Acrobatics that advance values of cultural development, national pride, educational and entertainment purposes to the community and country at large.

Youth talent search

Whereas this initiative will be extended to various ghettos in the different parts of the country, the maiden edition will be kick started in nine of the major ghettos in Kampala including; KATANGA, MAKERERE-KAVULE/KALERWE, BWAISE-KIMOMBASA, KISENYI, KAMWOKYA, KASOVO, NAMUWONGO, and KIVULU.

Gov’t to Create Competitions for the Talent Search

“It is in this spirit that Ghetto Got Talent Search projects to stimulate the consciousness of ghetto youth to the socio-economic challenges inhibiting meaningful development to occur. Lack of skills, depression/stress, diseases, unemployment and misappropriation of resources continue to underpin under development. Young people need solutions that will benefit today and tomorrow’s young generation” the minister explained.

Health Consciousness and Talent Development are the main objectives that have birthed the Ghetto Got Talent Search and Health Awareness outreaches in the major Kampala Slums.
“As we launch today Thursday 30th September, we look forward to an interesting journey of this one of a kind Initiative-Ghetto Got Talent Search and Health awareness campaign that will focus on; Talent and Skills Development.

Gov’t to Create Competitions for the Talent Search in Uganda

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