Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

G.N.L Zamba has advised the Media to stop misleading Artists.

G.N.L Zamba the Legendary Hop gave an explanation of how media houses and personalities have no knowledge about Music because they have never done one.

While he was speaking, G.N.L gave these remarks;

I listened to your live video Critically and it’s as if you predicted the outcome before it was even put out.

  1. I never heard beggars ~~ I instead heard FUCK YOU PAY ME. Which is quite reasonable
  2. You were bringing/creating awareness to UG artists that they are the king and without them these people wouldn’t have what to discuss anyway
  3. You also mentioned, before a musician is judged they should first of all appreciate them because it takes alot to build content secondly it would atleast be fair if judges come from the same line of industry and have at least excelled in one way or the other before passing on judgement.
  4. Appreciate every art that has been laid before us not the “kabalaga theory”

The proclaimed star has gone on to argue TV presenters refrain from using the Media houses for their own interests like begging and wanting certain lifts from Artists.

The Singer further noted that Artists should make or create their own work and sell it by themselves instead of using mere Presenters to avoid being used and controlled on certain levels.

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