Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

Gashumba on Nbs

Frank Gashumba lies about Dr. Lawrance Muganga to Protect him

Gashumba’s lies about Lawrence Muganga should not go unanswered according to Titus Seruga in Belgium Brussels.

One, yes Lawrence Muganga studied in Uganda, grew up in Uganda, and claim was born in Uganda. Gashumba makes no mention of Lawrance’s parents and no mention of Lawrance’s relationship with Rwanda, he makes no mention of the fact that Lawrence voluntarily acquired citizenship of another country.

It’s a fact the in 1994 Lawrence traveled to Rwanda, it’s a fact that he was employed by the Rwandan state and he willingly got Rwandan citizenship to work with Rwanda Government. These are none disputed facts.

There is an allegation that Lawrence trained as a military officer in Intelligence of Rwanda, another allegation that he traveled to Canada on a mission to kill his friend and Rwanda critic only for him to turn around and tell the friend about his vision. The friend advised him to go to police and report the same. Now you know how Lawrence became a refugee in Canada and subsequently earned Canadian citizenship.

Rajiv Rupaleria and Muganga hug after the release

What does the law say about someone who willingly acquires citizenship in another country, or joins the military of an enemy state?

Section 18 of the Citizenship and Immigration Act of Uganda, states that anyone person who voluntarily acquires citizenship of another country ceases to be Ugandan. The same section talks about a person who serves the military of an enemy state and someone who is involved in espionage.

Gashumba’s claim that Lawrence is a citizen of Uganda is hopeless born out of ignorance of the law, we shall prove this.

Gashumba on Nbs

We are not going to look on as these mafia abuse state laws and pretend they are right while undermining our Constitution and security.

The Law of Uganda further talks about presenting false documents to immigration officials, withholding information about your true status in order to acquire citizenship.

Did Lawrence Muganga tell immigration officials about his status in Canada? Did he declare that he had obtained Rwandan Citizenship then got Refugee status in Canada before acquiring Canadian citizenship? If the answer is no then he obtained Uganda’s national ID fraudulently.

Did Lawrence acquire dual citizenship before acquiring our national ID? They is no way you can obtain Ugandan National ID legally if you are not a citizen of Uganda or hold dual citizenship.

Lawrence gave up his Citizenship for another, he therefore cannot enjoy benefits of Ugandan citizens in Uganda. He has to have a proper work permit or else he is in Uganda illegally.

We can not compromise our opinion over the Citizenship laws of Uganda.

Titus Seruga

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