Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

Frank Gashumba Advocates for all the Rwandan Ugandan Nationals of the 1994 Genocide in Uganda


Frank Gashumba in the Pic decides the move to start the Abavandimwe Association in which he calls all the Ugandan Rwandese to come together and realize the purpose, the norms and above all to be recognized and respected as true citizens of Uganda despite the roots and names attached to the individuals and groups.

In his endeavours, Frank focuses on showing the values of those Rwandans that grew up here. The purposes and the Respect each one of them deserves to have.Frank has named the association the Abavandimwe. Him being always the man of class.

last three weeks, Frank decided to storm the Ministry of Internal affairs to seek recognition of this group of the so called Abavandimwe to be uplifted and put in the forefront of government meant plans but also to be recognized and appreciated for any contribution performed & put forward by them.

According to stories by The Kampala Gossip News desk, Frank’s continued to run a number of documents to different departments of Internal affairs Ministry in order to fully advocate for his fellow Rwandan colleagues to make sure they’re okay and comfortable wherever they’re in different parts of the Country.

Abavandimwe Classy Girls

Frank the Man of ideas he has always been, in terms of uplifting others and i mean not only Rwandans, we have known him for his many Radio and TV talk shows that have always aimed at lifting the trodden ones in the society. We highly believe he’s still in the same line. He’s not the kind of the one who sees what’s wrong and keeps quiet. He’ll always fight for the ones whose lives is put to walls.

Frank idealistic Man

At TKG we’re glad to mention him and shine a light on him and the work he’s continued to do for Ugandans at large. He’s avandimwe but a true son of Buganda & Uganda.

You’ll always see him come to applaud the good work whether done by Buganda Kingdom, Individuals or Government. Idealistically he is a true Patriot regardless of the drama he makes.

Story. By our Writers and team.

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