Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

Flavia Tumusiime completely Innocent


Listening to Flavia Tumusiime on Monday morning on her show  Am-Pm Capital FM, the lady was so simple calm and very very strong amidst all that’s going on especially on Social media.

We don’t have that much clue about the event and Andrew Kabuura but it seems the family has decided to handle this so mature & professional if at all it so happened.

Andrew Kabuura husband

Listening in from when the show started to when it ended, Flavia was so normal. Somehow my mind began to doubt the rumour because this woman was so strong and nothing really had happened. Somehow i needed to look for the videos or audios of what had happened but all in vein. See what our sources got;

Anticipated Andrew’s conversation
Turned conversation
The said Bonked one Twinomujuni Mercy

Social media was full of rants, the said bonked lady Mercy and advises from senior Artists,  bloggers & the rest. And to my amusement, no one had an audio or a video Andrew cheating.

I saw Singer and friend Sheebah post sending a message of consolidating her fellow Woman Flavia and you know what, many were not happy with her.

Instead she should have sent a personal message than posting. I doubt if people really understood Sheebah. & to be sincere i don’t agree with the idea today, that Married people are already used to cheating because that’s what most comments were reading.

People were welcoming Flavia to the family of “Obufumbo” and others said, Andrew was just testing the outside World nothing much. Eventually he’ll return to his sweet home.

Well, with all this Flavia is Innocent & so strong.

Sheebah advising Flavia

More still, Andrew and the Wife seem to have not come out to say any response towards the allegations. Same thing Flavia is doing. Actually i thought somehow she would say something on her show about the event. She instead didn’t. She kept on playing love songs and a lot of Music.

Should we say she was reading everything on Social media in silence? That one you and me. We hope the two will sort themselves when all is said and done. They’re a married couple.

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