Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023
Dora Mwima finally Pushes

Dora Mwima finally Pushes

Finally Dora Mwima Pushes so hard and congratulations to her.

If there’s any happy family in the entertainment industry in Kampala and Uganda atlarge

The two posted thanking fans and friends for prayers and love and for the safe delivery

Of their baby. The baby is a girl and will be called Siella

Dora Mwima finally Pushes
Dora Mwima finally Pushes

Its non otherthan Barrakaz and Dora Mwima. To them sex is some free to talk in public.

You’d like to follow them on social media because they like so much to breaking

Fan’s hearts with their comic kind of posting. It really feels good to follow them

Because there’s alot of fan in their family.

For sure after now this delivery, expect alot of fan with their family especially

Their kids, the kinds of plays they prefer at home and alot more

Dora Mwima finally pushes

At The Kampala Gossip, we congratulate Nader & Dora upon adding the 5th baby who is a girl at home.

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