Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

Ethiopian President & Kenya’s Uhuru Hugs tight

Ethiopian President & Kenya’s Uhuru Hugs tight deliberately refuses social dancing

President Uhuru of Kenya yesterday visited the Ehiopian Statehouse to meet with

Ethiopian President & Kenya's Uhuru Hugs tight
Ethiopian President Ahmed Welcomes Kenya’s Uhuru remainds him how Ethiopia is his Other Home

President Ahmed Sayid of Ethiopia and was welcomed with all the preserved respect and dignity

According to President Ahmed, he welcomed the brother and told him how

Ethiopia is his other home away from south to North not so far from Kenya but close to the horn

The bloolines the two countries share is still huge and that shouldn’t be taken forgranted

The two Presidents met and hugged without thinking about the effects of COVID19

Ethiopian President & Kenya's Uhuru Hugs tight
Ethiopian President & Kenya’s Uhuru hugs tight

And what it has so far done to the whole globe and especially African Continent.

Kenya is one of the most affected States on the African Continent by COVID19

Followed by South Africa interms of Worldhealth Organisation global data but they never

Seem to have always acted serious interms of social interactions and maintaining distances

As per WHO guidelines. As we talk, Schools are open in Kenyan even when the death toll

Of COVID19 patients still is on the raise than that of the neighbouring Uganda.

If there are Countries in Africa that continued Social activities within the tight days of

Covid outbreak, it is Kenya and Tanzania which recklessly continued operating

Amidst the striking COVID19 outbreak. Today to see both Ethiopian President hug so tight like people

Are nolonger dieing in Kenya and Ethiopia due to COVID19 is so confusing

And on the other hand shows how you cannot completely breakdown African culture of greeting

And interacting. And that’s the same or very message the two African Presidents

Were almost sending to the rest of the World. No mask no social distancing and life came back to normal

In Africa.

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