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Eddy Kenzo celebrates Maya’s birthday

Eddy Kenzo celebrates Maya’s birthday today 28th of

Eddy Kenzo celebrates Maya’s birthday today 28th of September 2021 as he went to his social media pages to post his first born went ahead to bragg how the girl is his firstborn and called he Princess of the Musuuzas.

Maya Musuuza & Felister De Superstar her great friend
Eddy Kenzo celebrates Maya’s birthday today 28th of September

To my surprise many artists including John Blaq, Felister De Super her agemate among others ran to the post to wish the girl the belated birthday celebrations and today Alex Muhangi’s girl Jehu

Jehu Alex Muhangi’s Princess

also celebrated her birthday today. Artists like Patrick Salvador were some of them that congratulatecongratulated Alex upon the day.

Eddy Kenzo celebrates Maya’s birthday today & that’s how the World has changed so much today. Due to COVID19 attack many arrangements, celebrations and parties are being virtually put together but also technology itself is increasingly adjusting each and everyday with people wishing themselves great celebrations of birthdays and growth of businesses or anniversaries of sorts feel the real positive impact technology has brought about. We were observing, talking about technology advancing everyday, Maya Musuuza came politely and responded to her Father and expressed LOVE to her Dad. I mean in this day and age a kid of 8 years or so already posesses a smartphone and has a serious social media account. Shows how the World has changed alot.

On the same Eddy Kenzo’s post, the young talented Felister De Superstar of about 8years also posted commenting on baby Maya’s birthday post by Dad. Clearly, the World is changed drastically and no one is gonna stop technology advancing.

Felister De Superstar celebratingher friend Maya

Our very own Ras-nas a.k.a Uncle Nicho celebrated his belated birthday toaday at his big bros Job Norman big office HyperDesigns in Makindye with the celebrities mentioned in here.

Ras Nas. Nicholai.

The day has been that special. And at The Kampala Gossip, this is our business. We highlight the happiness in the Entertainment industry and bring it to your phone Gadget immediately throughour App TKG.

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