Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023
Dr. Jose chameleone is Uganda's Number One

Dr. Jose chameleone is Uganda's Number One

Dr Jose Chameleone is Uganda’s Number One Musician

Dr Jose Chameleone is Uganda’s Number One Musician of our time.

We can Pretend All we want but this fact will always remain that Dr Jose Chameleone is Uganda’s Number One Musician of our time. (Key word, Of our time.) Says Denis Duke

Dr. Jose chameleone is Uganda's Number One
Dr. Jose chameleone is Uganda’s Number One

And by this I don’t mean to say that others are not good or have not contributed anything towards Uganda’s music journey, No. All Musicians have and I do appreciate them but Chameleone still stands out.

His different musical style is a combination of Ugandan music, central African Rumba, Zouk, and Reggae has earned him a household name not just in Uganda but across the continent.

You see in Uganda if you say anything positive about an artiste, people rush to conclude that power of Bread. (In luganda Walidde.)

But let me tell you something that you may or may not know about Jose Chameleone.
Him and the two others that I won’t mention here picked this industry from our grandfathers and struggled with it to where it is now….

Ugandan Music Industry has seen it all…
From when our Musicians went to Congo, to Kenya, Sweden and other places to having that influence in our beats among others….

Equally Jose has seen it all. From being signed to the Ogopa DJ (a well established Music label in Kenya) to going Solo, to having battles here and there to winning Awards…..the list goes on and on.

If there’s anyone that has lived truly to the meaning of their name, then it’s Jose Chameleone.

It’s evident when he recently showed his interest in Politics. From, Nrm to NUp to DP to NRM I just love him.

Dr JOSE chameleone is Uganda's Number One
Dr JOSE chameleone from NRM to NUP to DP to standing for Lordmayorship

I’m very sure he is the one that inspired his brothers AK47 the late, Pallaso and Weasel to Join the business.

Jose Chameleone has equally managed to stay afloat regardless of the entry of fresh Musicians who have given the Acclaimed big 3 stars competition.

Chameleone has tried to remain in people’s eyes, Atleast if it’s not for the music then it’s for his unending battles and comments.

He can never take 3 months off the scene and I think this is one thing that musicians need to do. Remain relevant at all times otherwise you won’t get gigs here and there.

Of all Ugandan Artistes, he’s the only one that sings in Kiswahili and we dance and sing along even when majority of Ugandans don’t understand Swahili.

I don’t want to compare but Chameleone’s songs Atleast the ones I grew up listening to have had real meaning and impact on peoples lives in one way or the other.

I’m talking about Katupakase, Shida Zadunia, Bayuda, Basima Ogenze, Befula, Nekolera Mali among others.
His songs will still be relevant even after 50 years from now, a thing that most new entrants have failed to master.

All they care about is the Bidandali twala tugende that people enjoy dancing to with no intention of getting the lyrics.

He’s a Music Genious. A True General and a Certified Doctor, Atleast by me.
These are my personal Views and you are entitled to yours.


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