Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

Dr. Hilderman sets example, interacts with Villagers.

Hon. Kiyaga Hillary of Mawokota decides not to forget the people that votted him to the office. Hon. a.k.a Dr. Hilderman has been an exemplary leader from day one of his office. According to the Singer, there are many issues at Village level, constituency level that needs serious attention if you’re the kind of leader voted into Power by people it is always a good idea to go back and consult with your people.

Hon. Singer Dr. Hilderman in Mawokota

Get the full sense of attachment back home brings the reality of what people exactly are going through and what is needed to be done to sort out issues say Hon. Singer. It is good to pick some days in a month or even every after weekend to consult with local people. We don’t have to get detached from reality and reality is talking to people. The people that voted you to Power. That is what we call reality, they bring to you factual information and that information is all you want to bring to Parliament to affirm.

Most members of Parliament tend to forget going back to the people that voted them to Power and yet the issues that you people in end discuss in Parliament are in actual sense faced by these very people in the village in real life and besides these are the very villages where we all come from and probably will be barried there once gone one day. We all came Kampala to work and better for our people, our homes and our relatives. It is so absad for one to forget where they came from. This is the very reason i cannot detach myself from my Village. Its more of home. It makes me feel at home already when its actually my home. It feels so complete to listen to views of everyone especially those that i represent in Kampala says Hon. Kiyaga Hillary. Singer-songwriter Dr. Hilderman

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